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MR. Bala V. Kutti (Chairman)

He has more than 2 decades of business experience in investment banking, renewable energy sector, investment exposure in banking, airline, hospitality sector, media and agriculture.

Mr. Bala V. Kutti is an alumni of Standford University, USA and BIM, Trichy. His brief association with ISRO has developed a deep interest in space and futuristic technologies. He is an avid traveler and adventurer.

As the chairman of BVK Group, Mr. Bala V. Kutti was honored for business excellence of the group company at The GLOBE Platinum Awards at Hong Kong. He was also the recipient of the "Best Performing Wind Farm award" from India Wind Power Association. World Confederation of Businesses, USA honored him with "BIZZ winner 2011" award. He was awarded with "Golden Eagle Award for Prestige and Quality Europe 2010" by ACTUALIDAD - an industry magazine based at SPAIN. Times Group accolade with "TRIALBLAZERS Award". Mr. Bala V. Kutti was Founder President of Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce, Madurai. He was also Ex- National Council Member of India Wind Power Association and Member of Confederation of Indian Industry along with various industrial confederations.

Mr. Bala V. Kutti feels that, the wealth that one generates is to be held as a trust for the benefit of multiple stakeholders. With regard to CSR, this means investing part of profits beyond business, for the larger good of society. His community work through BVK FOUNDATION is a way of telling people amongst whom they operate, that "We Care".

Mr. Bala V. Kutti believes that, "Great minds don't set out to be leaders; they set out to make a difference. It's never about the role; it's always about the goal". He is passionately working towards making BVK Group ventures, one of India’s leading success stories for a better tomorrow.


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